Free Travel Guides, Vacation Guides & Maps for US States

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Whether you are scouting out colleges or planning a vacation, take advantage of the many things to do and places to see that the United States has to offer. Each U.S. state, and several cities within each state, offer official travel guides, vacation guides, event guides, and even state and city maps for free. To request each travel guide, simply click on the link from the alphabetical order of the US states below (cities within each state are nestled below also in alphabetical order), then enter your name and mailing address in the form that appears on the page.

  1. Free Alabama Vacation & Events Guide
  2. Free Alaska Vacation Planner
  3. Free Arizona Travel Guide (the Grand Canyon State)
  4. Free Arkansas Trip Planning Information (choice of travel guide + highway map, state parks guide, motorcycling guide, water and woods magazine and/or cycling guide)
  5. Free California Visitor’s Guide
  6. Free Colorado Vacation Guide
  7. Free Connecticut Visitors Guide (currently download/view online only)
  8. Free Delaware Discovery Guide
  9. Free Florida Travel Guides (choice of vacation guide, camping directory, or transportation map)
  10. Free Georgia Travel Brochures (choice of travel guide, highway & transportation map or parks & historic sites)
  11. Free Hawaii Travel Planner
  12. Free Idaho Travel Publications (choice of roadsider edition, travel guide, children’s brochure and/or highway map)
  13. Free Illinois Visitor Guides
  14. Free Indiana Travel Brochures
  15. Free Iowa Travel Guide
  16. Free Kansas Travel Guide and State Map
  17. Free Kentucky Visitor’s Guide
  18. Free Louisiana Sunshine Magazine (official inspiration guide for LA)
  19. Free Maine Travel Guide
  20. Free Maryland Travel Magazine
  21. Free Massachusetts Visitor’s Guide (currently digital only, but you can request a Free Central Massachusetts Visitor’s Guide Booklet)
  22. Free Michigan Travel Guide (digital)
  23. Free Minnesota Travel Guides (choice of travel planning kit or individual guides)
  24. Free Mississippi Printed Tour Guide
  25. Free Missouri Travel Guide
  26. Free Montana Guide Book
  27. Free Nebraska Travel Guide
  28. Free Nevada Travel Guide (includes a free map, too)
  29. Free New Hampshire Visitor’s Guide
  30. Free New Jersey Travel Guide
  31. Free New Mexico Adventure Guide
  32. Free New York Travel Guides
  33. Free North Carolina Travel Guides (choice of travel guide, highway map, winery map, or Civil War trails map)
  34. Free North Dakota Visitor Information (choice of travel guide and state map and/or hunting and fishing guide)
  35. Free Ohio Travel Guide
  36. Free Oklahoma Travel Brochures (wide selection of free brochures so you can find information for the entire state or just the area you want to visit)
  37. Free Oregon Travel Guides (choice of visitor guide, scenic byways driving guide and/or state highway map)
  38. Free Pennsylvania Traveler Guide
  39. Free Rhode Island Visitor Guide
  40. Free South Carolina Vacation Guide
  41. Free South Dakota Vacation Guide
  42. Free Tennessee Vacation Guide
  43. Free Texas Travel Guide
  44. Free Utah Travel Brochures (several areas of interest to choose from)
  45. Free Vermont Vacation Packet (choice of summer/fall, camping, scenic drives & byways and/or cheesemakers)
  46. Free Virginia Travel Guide (Virginia is for lovers)
  47. Free Washington Visitors’ Guide (choice or travel guide and/or state road map)
  48. Free West Virginia Travel Guide
  49. Free Wisconsin Travel Maps & Guide (choices of travel guide, biking guide and/or state park system)
  50. Free Wyoming Travel Guide

Planning a memorable vacation often begins with thorough research, and one invaluable resource for travelers is the availability of free travel guides, vacation guides, and maps for U.S. states. Whether you’re exploring the scenic wonders of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the bustling streets of New York City, or the serene lakes of Minnesota, having access to comprehensive travel information can enhance your journey. With the assistance of ExamLabs, hopefully the above list can aid you in crafting the perfect travel itinerary for your next adventure.

All travel guides should arrive within 2-4 weeks to your mailbox (unless they offer digital travel guides only). If you like to receive mail, other than bills or junk mail, request free catalogs to be delivered to your door.

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