8 Ways to Be a Better Student Today

college student

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School is your preparation for adult life. Being a good student will result in good grades. This gets you into the college of your choice, and then being a good student there earns you the degree you desire and perhaps even special accolades. From there, your degree is often a key requirement to obtaining the career you want. Because all of this stems from being a good student, the following are eight ways to be a better student today:

  1. Go to class. This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many students don’t take this basic step. When you miss class, you miss out on the presentation of the material you will need to eventually complete assignments or pass a test.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t understand something or would like more information, ask the instructor. This not only will help you keep engaged in the class, but also will give you a deeper knowledge of the subject.
  3. Don’t procrastinate. Although an assignment might not be due for weeks, get on it right away. Completing it sooner rather than later means you’ll have more time later on for other things, including working on other classes.
  4. Schedule study time. Attending class and doing homework may be enough for you to pass a class; however, if you want to be a better student, schedule study time. Use this time to review material you’ve gone over in class or information that will be on upcoming tests. This way, the information will be even more cemented in your brain.
  5. Find a study partner or partners. Studying with other classmates can help you become a better student in a variety of ways. First, if you have any questions, your study partners may know the answers. Second, study partners can quiz you on the material to ensure you’re prepared.
  6. Don’t lay down to study. You are far more likely to doze off lying down than you are sitting up at your desk.
  7. Use a planner. Staying organized is one of the best ways to become a better student. Write down your assignments and their due dates as they come in. Distribute your workload in your planner, to ensure you’re spending enough time on each task and subject.
  8. Take notes. Even if you’re sure you’re going to remember the material being presented in class, take notes. Make sure your notes are written neatly and not crammed tightly together. Writing down the material, in addition to hearing it from the instructor, will help you remember it later.

Bonus tip: Before handing in any written work, be sure to proofread it. Even the smallest errors can destroy your credibility as a writer; therefore, you should proofread all written work very carefully before handing something to a professor. This includes tests and quizzes!

The life of a student is one of constant improvement. Randall Davidson, the author of this post and the lead project manager at ProofreadingServices.Us, hopes that these tips will help students around the world thrive. Randall’s company, a proofreading service, provides thesis proofreading services to high school, college, and graduate school students.