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Using Technology to Stay Connected After Relocating to College

Relocating for college, whether to another city or country,  introduces many exciting challenges and opportunities. As you navigate this significant change, reliable information about college life can help you out a lot. Using technology to stay connected helps bridge the gap between old friends and new environments, ensuring you never feel too far from home. […]

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How To Choose An Online School

Introduction To Online Education: Choosing an online school requires a little research homework to make sure that your educational goals are achieved. Decide first on what your field of study and your degree goal will be. Research the school’s course curriculum to see what their credits are and the steps needed to keep up with

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Utilizing Technology in College

With all of the technological advances that have been made over the years, education is truly a different place. While some choose to reject this technology, they should be embracing it as it can really make a positive impact on your studies, especially in college. It is understandable that younger children in grade school or

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