Is A Career In Health Care Right For Me?

Career in Health Care

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Choosing the right career can be a challenging task, especially during this time of economic instability. When it comes to the health care industry, however, there are many reasons to consider becoming a part of this field. Not only can a career in health care lead to a secure future, but it can also offer some of the most important and rewarding work available on the job market.

Whether you are thinking about switching to a health care career or are just starting out, the following reasons can help you decide if this line of work is right for you:

1. Job Security

While the economic downturn has collapsed numerous retail establishments and has prompted employers to cut or outsource their workforces, the health care industry continues to thrive. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor predicts that at least 3.2 million new jobs will be in health care by next year due to growing demand from the retiring “baby boomer” generation.

This health care “boom” will be especially apparent in supportive positions such as nursing, medical assisting, certified nurse assisting, physical therapy, and phlebotomy as all of these careers are expected to grow by at least 30%. The rising cost of health care is largely responsible for these changes, which has prompted a shift from expensive hospital settings to more affordable home care and community health centers.

Another element that will spur the demand for well-trained assistants is the Obama Administration’s Health Care Innovation Challenge, which promises to invest as much as $1 billion in proposals that will cut costs without sacrificing quality. Although hospitals and emergency rooms will always play vital roles in the industry, the challenge will provide further encouragement for home and community-based plans.

2. Many Career Options

The health care industry is enormous. Not only does it employ millions of people in the U.S alone, but it also harbors hundreds of different positions designed to suit many different personal interests. By choosing to enter this field, you have a large array of available options that career seekers in other industries do not possess.

Even if you are afraid of needles, there are positions that will work for you. If you are computer-savvy, for instance, a career in medical billing and coding or nursing research allows you to work in a medical office or at home without becoming involved directly with patients. Instead, you will be working to ensure that patient medical information is accurate and that their insurance companies are billed correctly.

Educational requirements for health care are also flexible. Although physicians still require many years of schooling, most supportive health care positions such as medical assisting and medical billing and coding only require a certificate or associate degree from an accredited school. This makes starting a health care career more attainable for those with families and full-time jobs.

3. Personal Fulfillment

When it comes to finding work that produces tangible rewards for your efforts, few other industries can compete with the health care industry. Regardless of what position you choose, all health care workers from brain surgeons to home health aides are actively involved in improving the quality of life for everyone.

Even though a career in the health care industry is not without its challenges and risks, the financial and personal benefits that it promises to make it a worthy choice when it comes to finding a career that’s right for you.

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