What You Need To Know About Military Scholarships

Military Scholarships

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Active duty and military veterans are among the most respected and appreciate members of our society. They serve our country by keeping us safe and serving the world by fighting injustice and cruelty and helping to administer support to the impoverished and disease-ridden masses of depressed nations around the world. Members of the military enjoy many benefits, such as reliable health insurance and portions of untaxed income to help cover living expenses.

Some of the greatest perks to being a military member are military scholarships. Many young men and women join the military in order to obtain these scholarships as a surefire way to ensure that the ever-rising cost of tuition is covered. Without these scholarships, many students would be unable to attend college.

How Do I Get a Military Scholarship?

Many students who require assistance paying college bills enroll in an ROTC program. ROTC is an acronym for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Students enrolled in the ROTC program attend regular college courses and also receive specialized military training with the obligation to serve in the military after graduation. The enrolled student must maintain a minimum GPA and be eligible for a merit-based scholarship.

Young men and women who choose to join the military before beginning their college education are eligible for financial assistance under the Veteran GI Bill. Under this legislation, veterans are required to serve for a certain amount of time and must not be dishonorably discharged. Both the ROTC program and the GI Bill are available to students who are interested in various branches of the military and are not restricted to just one branch.

How Much Do These Scholarships Cover?

The ROTC scholarships are merit-based and competitive. They may cover part or all of the student’s tuition, and may also cover part or all of the student’s room and board and other fees. Under the GI Bill, students are usually provided with about $750 per class. Depending upon your institution, that sum of money may cover different amounts.

For example, at a private school without a reduced tuition adult degree program, $750 may only cover the cost of the credit. At a state school or a private institution with reduced tuition for veterans, that money may cover tuition, fees, books, and other supplies. In either case, it is often invaluable assistance to many young people.

How Do I Learn More?

For more and exact information on how to obtain scholarships and what is being offered, you may want to visit some of the individual branches’ recruitment offices, where they will have a great deal of information for you on specific amounts of tuition scholarships you may be eligible for.

Many young men and women enlist in the military in order to help them pay for the astronomical cost of tuition. Such scholarships help many hard-working US citizens that would normally not be able to attend any institution because of the high cost of tuition in both public and private schools. Enlisting in the military or ROTC is an excellent way to experience one of the most difficult and important jobs in the world, while also providing you with the ability to afford the college education that you would normally not be able to.

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