Finding The Right Job For Your Personality

Finding The Right Job For Your Personality

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A career is far more than a way to make money; it is an important part of a person’s life that, in the best cases, fits with their personality. The match between your personality and job actually plays a large role in reaching satisfaction and success. If you are searching for a fulfilling career, see which of the following six common personalities describes you best, then check out the list of jobs that correspond with each type.

1. The Realistic Personality Type

People with this type of personality tend to prefer to work with machines, tools, or animals instead of people and a lot of these jobs require little or no experience to get started. This type of person may be skilled at working with their hands or doing mechanical or electrical tasks, have a knack for plants, and value practical things that can be touched and seen. Mining jobs with no experience are in high demand at the moment and would suit this type of personality well. They often see themselves as realistic, mechanical, and practical people.

Jobs for Realistic Types

– Animal caretaker
– Forest or conservation worker
– Electrician
– Machinist
– Woodworker
– Carpenter
– Mechanical Engineer

2. The Investigative Personality Type

These people enjoy solving math or science problems, see themselves as intellectual, precise, and scientific, and have a good aptitude for logic. They generally avoid persuading people and are not suited for sales positions.

Jobs for Investigative Types

– Chemist
– Physicist
– Economist
– Sociologist
– Computer programmer
– Pharmacist

3. The Artistic Personality Type

Enjoying arts, crafts, drama, music, and dance, artistic personality types are creative people who see themselves as original, independent, and expressive. They often avoid repetitive activities or highly ordered environments.

Jobs for Artistic Types

– Writer
– Musician
– Fashion designer
– Photographer
– Choreographer
– Architect

4. The Social Personality Type

Social people enjoy interacting with others and see the value in helping people. They may consider themselves trustworthy, helpful, and friendly and would prefer to work with people instead of machines or tools.

Jobs for Social Types

– Teacher
– Physical therapist
– Child care worker
– Health educator
– Social worker

5. The Enterprising Personality Type

People with this type of personality are great salespeople that can lead and persuade others. They may value success in fields like business and politics, see themselves as sociable, energetic, and ambitious and generally avoid activities that require analytical thinking or careful observation.

Jobs for Enterprising Types

– Sales Agent
– Legislator
– Marketing manager
– Loan officer
– Human resources

6. The Conventional Personality Type

Conventional people enjoy working with machines, numbers, and records in an orderly way. They often avoid unstructured, ambiguous activities and consider themselves to be good at following directions and staying orderly.

Jobs for the Conventional Type

– Bookkeeping
– Insurance underwriter
– Financial analyst
– Postal service clerk
– Word processor
– Dispatcher

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