4 Good Jobs You Can Get With An Accounting Degree

accounting degree

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Part of the American dream usually means going to college, earning a degree, and starting a career. That being said, it isn’t always so easy to decide what kind of degree to get.  What jobs are available with a specific degree? Doing some research now can help you in the long run. Here are some careers in the exciting world of accounting.

First of all, if you like crunching numbers or working on the taxes then this is the job for you.  You can start with just an associate’s degree but you will likely want to at least a bachelor’s degree and many go on to earn their masters or doctorate.  Most accounting majors will need to become certified public accountants which require 150 hours of education as well as pass four tests.  Here are some possibilities.

1. Auditor

Auditors can work for a large or small firm or they can be self-employed. Simply put, you study the accounting statements of companies to make sure everything adds up. An auditor can internally, working for the same company year-round, or they can work externally, and be brought in from the outside to determine how a company can better spend its money.  In order for an auditor to file a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission, they must be a CPA.

2. Tax Accountant

An online degree in accounting can qualify you for a job as a tax accountant. You can work with a company or work with individuals to help determine what their taxes are and how to maximize their refunds.  A tax accountant needs to be aware of not only the federal tax code but also state and sometimes even city codes. Of course, tax law is always changing so a person in this position needs to constantly be up-to-date on tax codes.

3. Management Accountants

A university degree from Trident University can also qualify you for a job as a management accountant. You would oversee the daily functions of a company and keep track of all the balance sheets. You would also do research about markets and the costs of expanding a company. Costs benefit analysis is another common job function. You would also work closely with upper management to ensure the company is run smoothly.

4. Financial Advisor

A college degree in accounting can also give you the opportunity to work as a financial planner. In this role, you would work with individuals to help protect and expand their current assets. You would advise them on tax work as well as how to better invest their money while minimizing taxes. You can also help clients prepare for events in the future such as college tuition and retirement.

4 Good Jobs You Can Get With An Accounting Degree

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