Self-Storage is Option for College Students


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As time goes on, college is becoming more a part of life rather than a decision to further your education. These days, people are returning to four-year colleges much later in life as a means of securing higher-paying jobs and rebooting their floundering careers. But if you find yourself accepted to attend an out-of-state college, the cost of tuition could mean you won’t be able to afford lodgings quite as roomy as those you’ve become used to. And why burden your folks back home with all the belongings you can’t take with you? Disposing of them is certainly not an option, especially if you’re still hanging onto an old, valuable comic book collection.

The answer? Local self-storage facilities, where, for a small monthly fee, you can unload all of the belongings that you just can’t carry with you as you head off for school. Self-storage facilities will keep your belongings safe and secure over the course of the next few years, or until whenever it is you need them.

Get a Deal

Short on cash?  Student storage isn’t expensive, especially if you know how to shop around to find the cheapest deal in town. And it’s well worth it. Do you really want your kid brother or sister rifling through your stuff while you’re away? Of course not. You can protect your valuable childhood assets from unwelcome hands with secure, affordable storage that will keep them safe until you’re ready to come back home and claim them as your own once again.

Self-storage facilities are big business in college towns like Austin, Texas, and Norman, Oklahoma, primarily because the sometimes high cost of off-campus housing isn’t conducive to spacious living arrangements. What this means for you is that not only will you be able to make easy work finding available storage units near your university, but you’ll also be able to land affordable storage for your belongings due to high demand and competition among self-storage facilities.

The Hunt

Narrow your search by looking for affordable storage facilities that also offer discount rates for student storage. If you’re willing to drive a bit out of the way, you could save a substantial wad of cash as well. Storage units near universities are priced accordingly, and it might pay off to look outside of your immediate perimeter. If you find that storage prices are still a bit too pricey, find another student (or two, or three) in your same situation and share a unit. With as many people leaving campus for vacation, finding someone to split the cost with shouldn’t be difficult.

What about when summer starts? Even if you manage to get everything into your dorm for the semester, do you really want to take your belongings all the way back home just to bring them back in three months? I don’t think so.  Use the month-to-month contract that facilities offer to your benefit, and only end it when you finally move out of that tiny dorm, or when you graduate.

Thousands of college students are already taking advantage of the great deals offered around their campus for their storage solutions. Why haven’t you?

This article was provided by Matt Schex. Matt writes for the SpareFoot blog and works on the SpareFoot marketing team. SpareFoot is the world’s largest online marketplace for self-storage.