What To Buy And What Not To Buy For College

What To Buy And What Not To Buy For College

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For those students who applied and have successfully been given a place at a University, congratulations are in order as you have succeeded where many have failed but the hard work does not end here as you now have a minimum of three years’ worth of hard work ahead of you. Whilst your University life will probably be the best years of your life, it will also require a great deal of effort and commitment to independent research and studying, so what things should you purchase in order to maximize your chances of succeeding at University and what things can you probably do without.

What To Buy For College


If you are able to afford a laptop or computer then get one as it will help you with your studies outside University lectures/labs, but don’t buy it right away. When it comes to electronics, resist the urge to splurge on the latest and greatest gadgets. A laptop is a necessity for most students, but wait to see what kinds of discounts your school offers before buying one outright. And while that new smartphone may be tempting, remember that you can probably get by with a cheaper model – especially if your carrier offers student discounts.


Having the appropriate software necessary to carry out your university assignments is also essential and will help you to complete your assignments on time. If you are undertaking a technology-related course then you may want to delay purchasing some software until you find out exactly what software you need but just about every University uses Microsoft Office, therefore, this should be considered somewhat of an essential purchase. But again wait, as some college offers free Microsoft Office accounts for their students.

Most students don’t have sufficient resources to be able to purchase software which is why there are now places where you can get huge discounts on software as long as you have a valid educational institution email address. Initially, it would be a good idea to get your hands on Microsoft Office and Norton Internet Security and then wait and see if you need any additional, course-specific software. It should be known that these discounts on software are available to anyone with a valid educational institution email address which means that if you can get on the good side of your lecturers without sounding too geeky by telling them about the software offer as well.


Used textbooks are a great way to save money on college expenses, but be sure to only buy textbook titles that are absolutely necessary. Many students find that they can get by with just a few key texts, and often these can be found online or through rental programs.


If you didn’t like who you were in high school, then now is the time to reinvent yourself as you will be making a fresh start. Use this opportunity to change your wardrobe or dress style if necessary as first impressions will influence what your colleagues think of you for the duration of your University life. Whilst deciding on your wardrobe you should consider what kind of person you want to be at University and should try to dress to impress those kinds of people. You should also bear in mind that individuals can be a good thing to separate you from the rest but sometimes it is good to fit in as well.

More Things College Students May Need

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What Not To Buy For College

You should avoid vast displays of wealth on items that are not immediately important such as purchasing the GTI version of the latest sports car or spending hundreds of dollars getting the latest phone gold plated as this will reduce the amount of money you have to purchase supplies required for University life such as textbooks, food supplies, and payments to ensure that the heating stays on during the cold winter nights. Create a budget that should include all of your basic, primary needs and stick to it, your budget should also set aside some spare cash just in case you need some money in an emergency or in case you have forgotten to add something to the list which you will need later on.


Being a University graduate myself, I can honestly say that your University life will be amongst the best years of your life and when budgeted correctly as well as with hard work, you can come out of University with a good job prospect as well as with a number of friends who you will have contact with throughout your life but you must ensure that you spend your money wisely by creating a budget of sensible items that you require and then by sticking to it.