Distance Learning at Kaplan Open Learning

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One of the latest trends in higher education is a new approach known as distance learning. This learning model synthesizes pedagogy and technology into a learning framework. Students are able to learn in an alternative setting, often at home. This model is better able to meet the needs to today’s 21 century adult learners than traditional face to face classroom models. One of the better known providers of distance learning courses is Kaplan Open Learning.

Kaplan Open Learning boasts a flexible program of study that can be done simply from one’s home. This is a viable for option for those wanting to extend their learning but is unable to due to work or perhaps financial problems. You can expect to receive the same high quality education from Kaplan Open Learning as you would from a more traditional learning institution. You might be planning a career change or perhaps you just want to enhance your skills in your current profession.

Kaplan Open Learning looks at each prospective student and analyzes their unique qualifications. Kaplan is able to offer credit for prior learning if it relates to the course of study. They can also provide mentors to assist students as they move along their program of study. Materials generally consist of a handbook, personalized work program and a study guide. Kaplan also has tutors that you can contact should you run into any problems along the way.

There are many reasons as to why you should select Kaplan Open Learning. First of all, their programs of study are the best value on the market today. Even though they possess such a value, do not expect the quality to also be diminished. These programs continue to be high quality. Secondly, Kaplan does have accreditations with organization that do provide educational awards. Third and perhaps one of the best things is that Kaplan Open Learning is ideal for those still wanting to work while they complete their studies. Kaplan’s pacing can accommodate learners who simply must work full or part time while taking course work. With so much to offer, it is easy to see why Kaplan is so popular.

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