Checklist of Things You Must Pack for College

packing for college

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You’re packing so that you are ready to go to college, but you are not sure what you should take. You are forgetting that you will be in a small dorm room, and probably have a roommate, so you will not be able to pack your entire room to take with you. You will need to pick and choose what you take. You want to make sure you have everything you will need, however. You’re asking yourself, “what shall I pack?”. Here’s the best advice!

1. Clothing

When you are going to college, you will want to pack your clothes. You are never sure what kind of weather you will get, so make sure to pack clothes for every season. Jeans are always a great thing to take with you as are hoodies. You will wear these often! You should also take your t-shirts and camisoles. You want to take your undergarments and your socks as well as the right shoes.

2. Shoes

Be sure to take a pair of sneakers, a pair of boots, a pair of dressy shoes, a pair of casual shoes, a pair of bedroom slippers, and some sandals. You will also want to take a pair of flip-flops to wear while you shower.

3. Personal Hygiene Supplies

Be sure to pack your shampoo and conditioner as well as any other products you use during shower time, such as razors and shower gel. You will want to take your deodorant and some body spray if you use it. Don’t take too many, though!

4. More Personal Supplies

You may want to pack some lotion in case you get dry skin. You can take your makeup, and your contact solution if you wear contacts.

5. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Also, be sure to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste! A hairbrush is also a necessity. When you’re packing, make sure you take any medications that you will need, such as some Tylenol or Benedryl. Once you have the basics, you can pack things you think you may need or want.

6. Electronics

Take your iPod, your laptop, and some books to read in your spare time. You can pack a fan or a small heater to use in your dorm as well as some food. If you want to, you can take a microwave or a crockpot if you plan to cook in your dorm. If you wish to, you can even take your own mini-refrigerator.

Packing for college can be stressful because you are never sure what to take. This is a new experience for you and you will be a long way from home, so you need to make sure you have everything you need. It is best for you to think about what you use every day and pack those things first. Then you can pack the things that will remind you of home or the things you want to provide you with entertainment. It will all come to you once you start, but if you want to, you can make a checklist to make sure you have everything!

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