The Best Places To Teach English Online And Abroad

5 Ideal Places to Teach English Abroad

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Teaching abroad is a rewarding experience that comes with a seemingly endless list of benefits. For one, it offers the unique opportunity to travel and live in a brand new part of the world for a specified period of time, enabling you to become fully absorbed in an exotic new culture. Teaching abroad also allows educators to earn some money experience, while also gaining the personal fulfillment of contributing to improved education overseas. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this appealing opportunity, check out the following top five places to teach English abroad.

1. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an ideal destination for teaching English abroad, complete with gorgeous, Paris-esque scenery in Prague and some of the best schools in the world. Czech employers are likely to offer inexpensive language courses in addition to providing free accommodations with a local family. You might not get as high of a compensation as you would in Asian or Middle Eastern countries, but traveling to and teaching in the Czech Republic are much less of an ordeal because no EU visa is necessary.

2. South Korea

Many recent college graduates are attracted to teach abroad programs in South Korea because these teaching jobs are more than ideal: the pay is high, benefits are generous, housing is free and airfare is even reimbursed. Korea is also open to first-time teachers, so all you need is a Bachelor’s degree to get started. Korean culture might require a bit of an adjustment, but you’re sure to enjoy the delicious cuisine and friendly natives throughout your experience.

3. France

Who wouldn’t want to spend a year in romantic and historically rich France? Paris especially has an abundance of good teaching jobs for students with a degree in any discipline. Although finding a position will be easier with TEFL certification, this isn’t necessarily a requirement for teachers. The primary employers in France are private language schools and individual private students.

4. Japan

The quirky and futuristic country of Japan would be a major change from American culture; however, with friendly people, fascinating fashion trends, and numerous job opportunities, this teaching destination can’t be missed. Aspiring teachers only need a degree in any discipline to get started. Private language schools and secondary institutions are the major employers in Japan, while Tokyo’s JET program is an especially noteworthy teaching outlet. While you’re there, explore the colorful Shinjuku wilderness, navigate through ancient temples and try your hand at Harajuku style.

5. China

Because of the major role the U.S. plays in China’s economy, many Chinese residents are interested in learning English to improve the country’s foreign relations. This high demand for English teachers results in competitive salaries and excellent perks. Requirements vary from place to place, but private institutions throughout the country tend to be more lenient about qualifications and certifications. Large international cities like Shanghai and Beijing are ideal for an exciting view of the country, while smaller, rural cities like Rizhao and Guilin ensure an anti-tourist experience.

No matter where you choose to teach abroad, it’s important to prepare for your experience as much as possible before taking off. Convert your money into the proper currency before you arrive to save on fees, and make sure to purchase teach abroad insurance to have coverage for any medical needs while you’re away. For the average budget, traveling abroad can be an extravagant expense, but teaching abroad is the ultimate solution for the adventurous traveler. You’ll get to see new parts of the world while still generating income and proactively developing your professional experience.

6. Online

If you can’t afford to travel, you can make money teaching English online from home. The following companies let you teach English online from anywhere and even let you set your own schedule.

  • Cambly – schedule lessons anytime with their app
  • DaDa – based in China, use their app to teach English online
  • Qkids – connect with international young learners between 4-12 years old wanting to learn English
  • Preply – on average, English tutors charge $15-$25 per hour
  • Skooli– must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in English or a related field and a government-issued teacher license
  • VIP Kid – earn $14-$22 per hour teaching English online

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