10 Pieces Of Advice For College Freshman

10 Pieces Of Advice For College Freshman

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Making the transition into college can be a very scary one for many incoming freshmen; there will be many different choices you will have to make, some good, some bad. This article will take a look at 10 tips all incoming college freshmen should know. Also, I want to try to debunk some myths associated with college.

1. Free time? What free time!

When transitioning from high school to college you will see that you have little free time if you are heavily involved in both academics and clubs. Your time will be occupied, but you will also have countless hours of time to hang out with friends and socialize. Be prepared for a very different schedule.

2. Your roommates will not always get along with you!

No matter who you are you will have disagreements with your roommates at one point or another. Be prepared for a heated argument, but please try to get along with everyone; it will make your experience much more enjoyable.

3. Are Frats and Sororities bad?

Okay, let’s debunk the myth that fraternities and sororities are only places for privileged kids to drink and party. Fraternities and sororities will give you friends that will be there for you no matter what all the way through college; there will be partying, but it is responsible. Do not let anything deter you from checking out some fraternities or sororities on campus, you may actually really like them!

4. What bedding should I get?

Bedding is vital to college life, you should have comfortable bedding but you also need extra-long twin sets for most dorm room beds. You will need something warm for the winter months and something cool for the summer months, bedding will be your friend so don’t cheap out, get something comfortable.

5. Socialize

Not only do the upperclassmen want to meet you but also your peers will want to make some new friends. I am a college junior and I am always looking to meet new people especially freshmen. Do not be afraid everyone else is in the same boat; most people are very accepting and will offer you their friendship very easily.

6. Join Clubs

Clubs are one of the easiest ways to make great lasting friends; you will already share a common interest. Clubs look good on resumes and can definitely provide a great place for socialization among a common interest. Pick something related to your major! Trust me no matter how nervous you may be, clubs are the best way to open up in college.

7. Don’t overpack!

Can’t live without your Gucci handbag, cell phone? Fine. But the last thing you need should do as a freshman is to overpack, dorm rooms are small and you will not have room to fit everything. The best way to avoid over-packing is to put everything you want to take into a pile, and then take half of that, and half that again. You end up getting a quarter of what you originally were going to bring and trust me you won’t be going without.

8. Menus from late-night delivery restaurants!

Whether you are partying or studying hard you will often be up late at night; getting menus for local eateries will definitely be appreciated at that desperate hour.

9. Your roommate may not be your best friend

Your roommate may be your best friend from home, or maybe a random selection from the school. If your roommate is a random selection then chances are you will not be best friends. Often times you will have different interests as well as morals; so make as many friends as you can so you do not rely on your roommate for everything.

10. Sweats are your friend!

When going to your early morning class you will see students in sweats who may or may not look beat from the night before. Sweats are the easiest thing to put on and are generally accepted on most college campuses as being acceptable to wear to classes. Sweats are perfect after partying the night before, since you may be too tired to look your best. Sweats are comfortable and convenient, make sure you have plenty of sweatshirts and pants; I would go with sweats with your schools’ letters.