5 Ways To Bond With Your College Roommate

Bond With Your College Roommate

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Are you ready to meet your college roommate for this coming college year? Bonding with your roommate when you meet him/her is one of the best things that you guys can do to ensure that the year will not be full of tense or uncomfortable situations in your dorm room. The more you bond with one another, the more likely you are to become friends; becoming friends is something that is recommended as it will help you to cope with your differences better when you figure out the quirks about him/her.

1. Play cards

If you would like to make quick friends with your roommate, then the perfect thing to do is play a game of cards; this works especially well if you’re males. Try playing some poker, speed, or other games like that. Doing this during the first week will ensure that you have a great time. If your roommate isn’t into playing with cards, then try playing another board game. You can even have other friends come over later on during the semester to play with you if you’d like.

2. Go to the movies

If you and your roommate are really into movies, then maybe you can choose to have a movie night once a month, where you either go to the movie theater and watch a movie there or you can watch one at home. This will help you bond with him/her, even if you’re just being quiet. You can also bond, by making fun of or talking about the plot, the actors, and other stuff like that.

3. Go out to eat

Have breakfast, lunch, or dinner together a couple of times a week. Now, this can be a good thing and a bad thing. If you can get this to work out though, you’ll become great friends with your roommate for sure. What you should first do is suggest having breakfast, lunch, or dinner once and see how it goes. If all goes well, don’t plan another lunch meeting, just make food and invite each other to eat. Meeting in the kitchen is a great thing and you can surely bond talking about anything there.

4. Go food shopping together

If you are in college, then chances are that you go food shopping at Walmart or Target. If it’s at either of these places, consider asking your roommate to come along. This will help you guys out to make friends and to develop trust for each other. You will become really close if you go out of your apartment together more.

5. Workout together

If you are looking forward to hitting the gym while in college, invite your roommate to come along with you. Let him/her know that you can motivate each other, talk about anything, or just meet new people there too. Sometimes colleges offer workout and dance classes that you might consider taking together.