5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Meal Plan While In College


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When you first get accepted to college, you will get packages in the mail with all kinds of papers that you need to fill out or read. Surely one of the packages that you get will be about your housing arrangements and that one will contain a paper telling you about the meal plans available to you.

A meal plan provides you with a certain number of guaranteed meals per semester for a certain price and it can be important to some and not important to others. In this article, I will tell you about 5 reasons why it may be good for you to get a meal plan.

1. You don’t want to cook

If you don’t like cooking at all then you will not have to worry about it if you purchase a meal plan. You will be having meals that are cooked daily and sometimes the cafeterias may have areas where you can get something cooked especially for you the way you want it. If you have never cooked before in your life or if your cooking skills aren’t good enough for you to be making healthy and full meals then getting a meal plan is definitely best for you.

2. You don’t have a kitchen

Many dorms rooms don’t have community kitchens and sometimes even the college apartments don’t have full kitchens either, and therefore you may not have the proper place to cook your own food so getting a meal plan would be better. If you think that you can make it without having a kitchen to cook in then you are mistaken. It’s important that college students eat well so that they can do well in school and if you are going to always have to look for a kitchen to cook in then getting a meal plan may be the best choice for you.

3. You are required to buy one

In many dorms or apartments provided by the university or college that you’re attending it will be mandatory that you purchase a meal plan. They do this usually to ensure that you will always have food to eat so that you don’t have to worry about cooking, and so that they don’t have to provide kitchens in each dorm room or apartment. If you are required to buy one don’t hesitate as it will help you out during the school year to know that you can always just go down to the cafeterias and get already cooked food.

4. The food there looks great

Most cafeterias in which you can use your meal plan will have great options for all students. If you like the way that the food looks there then that might be your reason to buy a meal plan. Cafeterias will usually be buffet style if they are near the dorms or apartments and if not they will provide whole meals. You can even get desserts and holiday treats on a daily basis.

5. It’s convenient for you

If you work and go to school then it might be more convenient to have a meal plan for you to not stress or use up time preparing meals. Getting a meal plan can also be convenient to those who spend a lot of time on campus as there are many places on campus where meal plan cards are accepted and you can use them a lot there instead of buying food at the regular price which is usually more.

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