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Are you on your way to college? If so, you are probably at least a little anxious and scared about this new journey. After all, college is the time that many of us feel like “an adult.” Of course, when you live with someone you don’t know, have to take four hour long biology classes and buy a $600 textbook-you know you’re definitely not in high school anymore. Not to fear though, there are some tips we can offer about starting college.

  1. Don’t expect to be best friends with your freshman year roommate. I mean really, you were most likely matched up by a computer because you both like the color blue. But the computer left out that your roommate is obsessed with boy bands and only sleeps three hours a night. At the same time, remember to be civil. You have to live with them for nine months. And hey, you’re probably not a bucket of roses all the time either.
  2. Read your textbooks. There are a few reasons to actually read that book you haven’t opened yet. One, it cost you $500. Anything that costs that much should be used. Two, you will be tested on the information. Profs don’t make you read just for the fun of it. Three, if you’re reading and studying than that nerdy roommate of yours will likely leave you alone and not expect you to go her One Direction fan club meeting because your busy.
  3. Don’t take any classes before 10 am. You’ll be either tired from staying up late studying, talking to friends or partying. You will not be useful in an 8 am calculus class; so don’t sign up for it. No need to set yourself up to fail.
  4. Finally, call your parents. They love you. They want to know your alive and not flunking out of college. Most likely you’re spending at least some of their money. The least you can do is call and say hi.