Staycation Spring Break Ideas For College Kids


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College kids are choosing more and more to save money and spend spring break at home. These ideas will help make the staycation seem less lame. College costs today are soaring as is the price of pretty much everything else. College students cannot afford to take an extravagant spring break. These students choose to return home where the lodging and dining are free. The ideas in this article can help make this kind of spring break seem less boring.

Give Back to the Community

Many travel companies and colleges offer service-oriented spring breaks. Returning home offers a college student the opportunity to give back to their community through volunteering as well. There are many ways to volunteer.

Nursing home residents welcome visitors at all times of the year. These residents are often overvisited during the holidays but have potentially been lacking for company since. College students can give back by visiting a rarely visited nursing home resident and reading to them or just talking to them. These older citizens often have the knowledge to impart that would benefit the student as well.

College students could give back to their communities by volunteering at food pantries or homeless shelters. These facilities often have tasks that need to be completed and not enough manpower to complete them. Tasks may include sorting items for distribution or helping to serve meals.

Spring is often the time when people have to pick up sticks in their yards that the winter weather has knocked down. Many senior citizens find it difficult to manage this task. Students could volunteer to assist these citizens with this task.

Movie Marathon

Spring break is a time when we all hope for warm weather and lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, the reality is that there is often rain and sometimes snow for at least one entire day during the break. Students could use this as the opportunity to have a movie marathon. Movies can be digitally downloaded, rented from a video store, borrowed from the local library, or even from a friend or neighbor. Popcorn and other movie-type snacks could be available for eating on this day. This is a fun activity for doing alone or as a way to catch up with some of those old friends on the cheap.

Be a Hometown Tourist

Many cities have interesting local museums and sites. Elementary students visit these facilities while in school. Most people don’t ever visit them again. College students can soak up a little local flair by revisiting some of the tourist spots in their hometowns.

Catch up . . .

  • on sleep. College students don’t rest enough. Spring Break is the perfect time to just take the time to relax and get some much-needed rest.
  • with old friends. Some friends and classmates from high school haven’t left the town. They are either working or going to a nearby junior college. These classmates often feel left out by those who are away at school. Spring break is the perfect time to reconnect with some of these old friends.
  • on fun reading. Many good books are published throughout the year that college kids simply don’t have time to read due to the work of the school. Spring break is a great time to read some of these new good books. Students can kill two birds with one stone by reading and relaxing at the same time.
    your tan. Spring break usually has one or two nice sunny days. These days could be used to catch up on tanning. Again two activities can be combined when students work on their tans while reading,

College students need not spend an enormous amount of money to have a spring break that is memorable. These ideas can help make spring break a good time no matter where you are.