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Showing off your school spirit is a great way to immerse yourself in your new college life. Nothing brings a group of strangers together faster than rooting for their favorite team. Because most college students don’t have hundreds of dollars at their disposal, we’ve come up with several creative ways to show your school spirit on the cheap. Here are five ways that you can display your spirit without spending your last dime:

1. Raid Your Closet
You don’t have to buy out the entire college bookstore to show your school spirit. While shirts, hoodies and sweats with your school’s name on them are a fantastic way to display your pride, they can be incredibly expensive. Instead of spending all of your heard earned cash at the campus store, raid your closet and look for clothing in your school’s colors. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans, coupled with a few cute accessories, can be an easy way to show your school spirit!

2. Face Paint
Face paint costs close to nothing and is a fun way to decorate yourself in school pride. To make face paint even cheaper, split the cost of the tub among your roommates and share it on game day! Paint the number of your favorite player or the school mascot on your cheek to show your spirit. If you’re brave enough, paint half of your face in one color and the other half if a second color. Nothing scream fan like a boldly painted face!

3. Host a Party
If there’s ever been a great reason to throw a blow out, it’s the big game! You can decorate your dorm room or apartment with inexpensive colored streamers to make it look festive and sprinkle confetti on your surfaces. Ask each guest to bring a dish to share and you’ve got an instant potluck party. Host the party right before the big game, paint each others’ faces and attend the game as a group. You’ll be the most spirited bunch of students in the stands!

4. Make Your Own Shirts
Making your own T-shirts is an easy, cost-effective way of showing your school spirit. Grab an old tee or by a new one, gather fabric paint, Sharpie markers or iron-on decals and go to town! If there is a craft store near you, you’ve got a great source for materials. Alternately, you can order online or ask mom to send you a care package. Decorating your own shirt ensures a unique, spirited design that you’d never be able to find in the bookstore’s apparel section!

5. Add Accessories
Accessorizing yourself is a great way to show pride in your school. A cute ponytail holder, a colorful headband, a beaded necklace and jelly bracelets are all budget-friendly ways to accessorize your outfit. Party stores and craft stores are a great source for these fun accessories! Decorate yourself in your school’s colors and there will be little doubt as to which team you’re rooting for!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show off your school spirit to the world! Homemade T-shirts, face paint and accessories are all cost-effective ways to display your school pride. Get creative and see what you can come up with before the next big game!

Sandra Steiner is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, New York. She writes for where you can find out more about personalized t-shirts.