5 Advantages Of A Good College Library

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Even as more and more information is made available online, college libraries still have lots to offer to students. They not only provide access to rare and old materials but make excellent study spaces for students. Such libraries also can provide a number of services, such as library assistance, tutoring, and equipment rentals. Evidently, a strong college library has much more to offer than books.

1. College Libraries Contain Material That the Internet May not Have

Certainly, many of the works that Middlebury’s Main Library contains can be accessed on the internet. But college libraries can certainly offer unique material as well.

The Middlebury college library contains a wealth of information in their Vermont Collection materials that allow students to better understand Vermont’s history and culture. There’s no guarantee that students could also access such resources online, especially if a book or document is particularly old.

2. Libraries at Universities and Colleges Provide an Ideal Study Space

Student dorms or social spaces aren’t always the best places to study. Not only is there noise to deal with, but likely many distractions as well. College libraries, though not always quiet, give students a more peaceful, studious atmosphere in which to churn out a paper or get through a pile of reading. For example, Middlebury’s Main Library has 725 seats and 143,000 square feet so there is plenty of room to study.

3. Libraries are Great Places for Students to Work Together

College libraries may also offer designated spots for group study. These private spots have close proximity to the college’s print collections and can offer resources for group projects, like whiteboards and internet connections. Some may be in noisy locations, but students have a good chance of working in relative quiet.

According to the “Work and Meeting Spaces” page on Middlebury’s LIS Wiki network, the college’s Main Library has a seminar room for 18 people, a 28-person lecture hall with projection screens, group viewing rooms with surround sound, and a number of smaller group study rooms. Students can also meet in the adjacent Wilson Café.

4. Libraries Offer Human and Technological Resources to College Students

Of course, school libraries contain more than books and meeting rooms. Main Library librarians at the college are available from Sunday through Friday at designated times in the afternoon, and may also be available at other times. If certified librarians aren’t available, there is usually library staff available to assist.

Students at college libraries can check out more than just books. Together, Middlebury’s libraries offer graphing calculators, camcorders, digital cameras, headphones, laptops, webcams, and even GPS units for rental.

5. Libraries are Great Sources of Support for College Students

The Main Library at Middlebury is just one example of a library that offers a diverse range of resources to its students. College libraries contain rare materials, work wonderfully as private or group study spaces and supply multiple kinds of resources. Even with the rise of the internet, these buildings are still valuable parts of college campuses.

No matter what institution someone attends, he or she should research the college’s library system to find out all the unique things it offers. That way, the student can use its resources to the fullest.

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