Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

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Looking for high-paying jobs for college students? Look in the computer lab, the gym, the library, academic departments, and dorms, and ask professors about babysitting.

Computer Lab Attendant or Tech Support Jobs

For students who have some computer savvy, some of the highest paying campus jobs may be theirs for the taking. Because there are always students around that know their way around a computer, colleges and universities often hire students for positions that otherwise might be filled by IT professionals. Tough break for out-of-work IT professionals, but good news for technology-savvy students. For students who plan to have careers in IT, these jobs can offer fantastic work experience.

College Gym Jobs

College gyms always need students to attend the counter, distribute equipment, and take care of other work around the building. While these jobs can pay pretty well, the best-paying student jobs in the gym often go to students who can teach classes in aerobics and other popular offerings. Other terrific opportunities may be available for physical therapy or personal training majors.

College Library Jobs

Libraries are much better sources of part-time jobs than many students realize. Students typically only see the students who are upfront checking out books, but behind the scenes, students often are needed to manage interlibrary loans, enter data into the library search system, and perform all sorts of clerical tasks.

Academic Department Clerical Work

Academic department secretaries are some of the most overworked people on campus, and often departments hire students to help them with their heavy loads. An awful lot of paper gets processed in an academic department, and students may be needed to help copy syllabi, class handouts, journal articles for professors, faculty meeting notes, conference and journal submissions, drop/add slips, and so forth.

Dorm Desk Attendant Jobs

This is one seemingly easy campus job that often pays better than anyone realizes, especially because it comes with security responsibilities. Of course, one big perk of this job is that things can be pretty slow, which means there’s lots of time to do homework.

Babysitting, Housesitting, Petsitting, and Housecleaning for Professors

College campuses are full of professors and other professionals who have kids, pets, and homes that need attending to now and then. College students are an excellent resource to complete this fairly simple but highly appreciated work, and often students are compensated very well for their time and effort. Once a student gets a reputation for being reliable, more business will come in through word of mouth, so this can be a great way to pick up some extra money.

High-Paying Paying Campus Jobs for College Students

Some college student jobs pay poorly, but with a little work, students can find work that compensates them fairly well. Check out campus jobs in technology, the gym, the library, academic departments, and dorm desks, and talk to professors about opportunities to take care of their kids, pets, or homes.

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