Want To Be A Nurse? See How Much Money You’ll Earn Working As A Nurse


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Are you thinking of going to college to become a nurse?  Here are some various infographics that will give you an idea of what you could earn working in the nursing field. Salaries vary depending on what type of nurse you plan to become.

Infographic (Pay Rate by Nursing Specialty)


A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), also known as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) is the least amount of schooling needed to be a nurse so are at the lower end of pay scales for nurses but still earn a decent wage and those wages vary depending on the cost of living in different parts of the USA. The infographic below from Nurse Salary Guide shows at a glance the highest-earning states and cities for LPNs and LPNs.

Licensed Practical Nurse Wages Infographic

Male vs Female

Infographic: Female vs. Male Nurses and Their Salaries

Do male nurses make more money than female nurses? You bet they do!

Male Nurses: Addressing the Numbers and the Stigma

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