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Studying online increasingly provides more convenience and cost-savings over traditional college or university programmes. As it becomes increasingly important to have a college degree, more students find themselves turning to online possibilities for obtaining a degree. Even for students already enrolled in a program, students increasingly find the convenience of online courses an appealing option. Many schools offer the possibility to study online, at least partially.
The disadvantage to online study means that students won't have the same networking opportunities that traditional programmes have. However, when an individual looking for advancement within a company just needs a degree, online programmes provides excellent options. Students may study and obtain credit that can help to secure advanced positions within a company and additional knowledge that helps their career. Students are also limited if they don't own a personal computer and have easy access to the Internet. Since class materials, discussions and assignments are provided online, the student must have a reliable way to connect.
Several advantages exist for students that take online courses. Students save money on transportation costs, usually have less fees for books and more convenient schedules. If a student needs to attend an important meeting at work, they have additional flexibility for completing and submitting work. Students typically have deadlines that the work must be completed by. Provided the student turns in the work online before the due date, the assignment will be graded and turned in on time. With traditional programmes, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to get to classes and turn in work. Online courses also make it easier to submit
People have increasingly decided to study online because of the increase savings in time and money. Online courses generally cost a little more than a traditional class, but people save money on commuting to the college. For those that wish to manage their time better and have more freedom, online classes fill that need as well. When deciding on classes, students can often fit more into their schedule since specific times are generally not required for each course. In traditional classroom settings, the student must arrange their classes to prevent schedule conflicts. This often results in the student having to choose between two classes offered at the same time.
Faculty Interaction
Taking a course online doesn't mean you are completely on your own. Students still have access to faculty and often find that they get more personalized attention. Faculty can answer questions through email, online message boards and group discussions. Each college or university uses a different online course system. However, all systems generally have the ability to make connections with students, get help and provide support to other students.

William is a course co-ordinator at one of the biggest universities in Australia. Having been regarded as an expert in his industry for over 20 years he was offered his current position. He has seen first-hand the increase in students opting to go with online courses over on campus courses and believes this trend is likely to increase.