The Best 5 Study Aid Gadgets

Best 5 Study Aid Gadgets

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Performing well in school is often centered on good study habits. It used to be true that studying meant sitting down and reading text outside of the classroom. Today it is better understood that students learn in a variety of ways and some will perform better with study aids. A study aid may be a device to help capture good notes in class or it may be a way to organize notes in the best study order. Whatever learning style, there is so much technology to help the information sink in that now it’s just a case of trial and error with gadgets.

Best 5 Study Aid Gadgets

1. Digital Pens

One of the best study aid gadgets currently available is called a digital pen.

This pen allows you to take notes that can be uploaded to your computer later. The pen has a built-in microphone and time/date features. The pen is used with a special ‘smart’ paper in the classroom. The magic happens when you plug the pen into your computer and the software program transforms your classroom scribbles into real notes. This device is becoming more widely used with college students because it is small and easy to use.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Another favorite for studying in busy or noisy locations is noise-canceling headphones.

These headphones block out environmental noise and allow you to hear a lecture or play your music while studying. This reduces noisy distractions and helps the student maintain study focus.

3. Dictaphones

One of the most popular study aids is dictaphones to record lectures.

Once the lecture is recorded you can plug the recording into your computer with speech recognition software and capture the lecture as text. This allows the option to listen to the lecture on the headset or read the lecture. This is particularly helpful when matching up the lecture with a recorded slide show or other presentation.

4. Scanning Pens

Another neat gadget that makes note-taking easier is called a scanning pen.

This pen is used to highlight text from a research book or textbook that you want to pay particular attention to. Instead of leaving yellow stains on the book page, the pen moves over the type and captures it. This can then be sent to the computer to be included directly in study notes.

5. Tablet

Last but not least the tablet has quickly become a massively important study aid for students. Tablets are quick and easy to use and allows you to store and carry hundreds of books in one place. Find the best price on Fire Tablets and Samsung Galaxy tabs at


This is just a small selection of all the gadgets available. It’s important for a student to be able to compile their notes in one place, access their documents, read texts or books easily and block out noise for the best results from their study time. Each of these gadgets contributes to the same goal in its own way.

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