How To Choose The Best College Backpack

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If there’s one college student necessity that most students can’t do without, it’s a backpack – and if there’s one item a college student splurges on to buy the best, this may be it.

Whether or not a college student is in the market for a laptop backpack or a more traditional one, a study, a thoughtfully constructed backpack will make a college student’s everyday life easier. It may be tempting to buy a cheap backpack, but that’s a decision a student may come to regret.

When choosing the best college backpack, here are a few things to look for.

Laptop Backpacks Versus Traditional Backpacks

A laptop backpack is one that includes a slot for a notebook computer, which is known as a laptop sleeve. Most laptop backpacks can accommodate a 17-inch laptop.

Laptop backpacks are more expensive than the traditional model that’s simply designed to carry books. So is it worth it? For students who plan to carry around a laptop, absolutely. A laptop is an expensive investment, and students who try to throw their laptops into traditional backpacks are looking for trouble. I also recommend looking into a laptop sling bag.  

Backpacks With Wheels

A growing trend of college campuses these days is the backpack that comes with wheels, along with a handle to pull the backpack across campus. Sound dorky? Maybe. But consider this: 85 percent of college students who use backpacks report back pain!

In actuality, students should not be carrying more than 15 percent of their body weight in a backpack, which means that a student who weighs 150 pounds should not be carrying more than 22.5 pounds – and for smaller students, that number is even less. Unfortunately, a typical student on a college campus may be carrying around multiple heavy textbooks, a laptop, a water bottle, school supplies, and all kinds of stuff to get through the day.

So are wheeled backpacks the solution? Wheels can be a problem if there’s lots of snow and ice on the ground, and they aren’t much of a help for students who are biking or skateboarding around campus. For many students, though, this “dorky” solution might save a lot of pain. These backpacks also are very handy for travel.

Backpacks With Durability

When choosing a backpack, consider paying extra for one that scores high for durability in consumer ratings. A backpack is going to be used constantly, thrown around various places, and filled with heavy loads. It also needs to last (at least) four years, so it’s worthwhile to buy one that isn’t going to need to be replaced in two. A good backpack should be made out of sturdy material and have a reinforced bottom.

Backpacks With Organizer Compartments

Another terrific feature to look for in a backpack is one that comes with lots of handy pouches and organizer compartments to stick things in – wallet, water bottle, phone, school supplies, snacks, glasses, makeup, and so forth. For girls, a backpack that can double as a purse is a godsend. When looking at the compartments in a backpack, think usability. If the compartments are not organized in a way that a student might actually use them, this isn’t a particularly useful feature.

The Perfect College Student Backpack

A backpack is an investment that students should take seriously, as their everyday life comfort and convenience depends on making a solid choice. Look for durable, well-organized backpacks, and consider backpacks with laptop sleeves and wheels. Good backpacks may cost a little more, but in this case, the extra features may be well worth it.

How To Choose The Best College Backpack

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