17 Questions To Ask At A College Info Session

College Info Session

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A college info session is an event hosted by a college or university that is designed to provide information about the institution and its programs to prospective students. Info sessions typically feature a presentation by school administrators and/or faculty members, followed by a question-and-answer period. They may also include a campus tour.

Attending a college info session is a great way to learn more about a school you’re interested in and get your questions answered by representatives from the institution. Info sessions can also be helpful in making your college decision, as they provide an opportunity to compare and contrast different schools.

How To Schedule A College Info Session

If you’re interested in attending a college info session, the first step is to find out when and where the event will be taking place. You can typically find this information on the school’s website or by contacting their admissions office. Once you have the date and location, you’ll need to register for the event. This can usually be done online or over the phone. Be sure to confirm your attendance a few days before the event so that the school can prepare accordingly. Finally, show up on the day of the info session and be ready to learn!

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many colleges and universities have moved their information sessions online. Virtual info sessions typically take the form of a live webinar or pre-recorded presentation that can be viewed at any time. While they may not be as personal as an in-person event, virtual info sessions can still be very informative and provide a great opportunity to learn more about a school.

When attending a virtual info session, be sure to take advantage of the chat function so that you can ask questions and interact with the presenter. You can also use this time to get clarification on any points that you didn’t understand. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular school, be sure to check out their website or contact their admissions office to see if they offer virtual info sessions.

Questions To Ask At A College Info Session

Here are some sample questions you may want to ask at a college info session about tuition, student life, and the admission process:

  1. What are the most popular majors at the school?
  2. What type of student typically succeeds at the school?
  3. What opportunities are available for students to get involved on campus?
  4. What kind of internship opportunities do students have after graduation?
  5. Can you tell me more about the admissions process?
  6. What financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available?
  7. What are the school’s policies on housing and dining?
  8. Can you tell me more about the campus and student life?
  9. What type of students typically attend your school?
  10. What kind of career opportunities are available to graduates?
  11. What is the student-teacher ratio?
  12. What are the average class sizes?
  13. What is the housing like on campus?
  14. What kinds of extracurricular activities are available?
  15. What are the campus safety procedures?
  16. What is the food like on campus?
  17. Are there any unique features of your school that I should know about?


Asking questions at college info sessions is a great way to learn more about the schools you’re interested in and get your specific questions answered by representatives from the institution. Be sure to come prepared with a list of questions to ask so that you can make the most out of your info session experience.

17 Questions To Ask At A College Info Session