Need Help Deciding On A Major In College?

Deciding On A Major In College

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Do you need help making a decision on a major in college? There are many colleges and universities all over the United States and they all have their own unique college majors to choose from. While undergraduates are pressured to choose a college major, there may be difficulty in doing so.

If you are one of the many undergraduates who absolutely are confused and undecided about what you want to do with your life, there are many students and undergraduate students out there just like you. However, these are the same undergraduate college students who think out their career choices very carefully and want to make the best decision possible. Although you may be a little pressured to quickly choose a college major, however, it is definitely not necessary for the first year and a half throughout your college career.

Undergraduate Classes

One of the main reasons that you are attending college in the first place is because you desire to further your education. There is no shortage of doing this on a college campus as there are many different options and class choices to choose from. There is one important thing you must know about your undergraduate education, however.

The first two years of your undergraduate education come in the form of general education courses. Since these general education courses are required of all college majors, it is not absolutely imperative that you have to decide what your college major will be in the first year or so of your college career. Even though it would be wise to think about what you want to major in, the general education courses can help you determine what you are most interested in.

You may perhaps enjoy some of your science classes, or you may love taking a political science or an economics course. Through your undergraduate general education courses, you are able to differentiate between your likes and your dislikes, and this should be able to help you determine what you want to major in.

Career Path After College

After obtaining your BA or BS degree in your four years of college, one important question when determining what your college major will be should include what you will be able to do with your degree following college.

For example, do you want to major in psychology? If so, you should know that your career options will be limited after college as far as working in the psychology field goes. However, there are plenty of opportunities for nurses if you want to major in nursing. There are many options for different majors and you’ll have to review each of your opportunities individually before definitively deciding on a college major.

If you find that you still cannot decide on a college major after taking general education courses and through examining the career options of various college majors following your college career, your educational counselor should be able to help you figure things out.

He or she will be able to not only guide you in your decision, but your educational counselor will also be able to help you plan out your college degree. But don’t fret about choosing a college major immediately when you get to college because you definitely do have time before crunch time is upon you!

Tips For Choosing A Major In College

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