Why Certificate Programs May Be The Right Choice

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If you are a high school senior coming upon graduation, you may have decided that college may not be for you. If you have not decided what path you want to take with your life that is okay. There is still time to think about it without sitting on the sidelines. You may have decided what path you are ready to take and not capable of that journey yet. Here are a few reasons to think about a certificate program option.


The cost to attend colleges can go well above $30,000 alone just for an Associate’s degree. That is approximately 2 years of study. There is a strong possibility you may not even receive a job once you have obtained your degree. Obtaining your certificate is more affordable and allows you to make reasonable payments while attending school. If you do need to take loans they should be something you are capable of handling with a part-time job.

Get You into the Workforce Faster

If you are looking to get into the workforce soon after high school or transition into a new position, successfully completing a certificate program will put you into the eligibility ranks in as little as six weeks to a few months. Basic and Advanced certificate programs are easily within reach. The programs are designed to get you into the career field fast.

Foundational Training

Enrolling in certificate programs provides the necessary foundational training employers are looking for. More colleges are working with employers to find out what skills they are looking for from their entering workforce. College programs are now tailored around these skills eliminating unnecessary training. You can be trained in high demand fields such as:

Certificate programs do not just apply to graduating high school seniors. This option is available for working adults looking to have a career change or add an additional credential under their belt. Certificate programs offer flexible schedules and some meet online as well.

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