Non-Destructive Dorm Room Makeover Tips

College dorm rooms aren’t known for their style or their space. You’re also probably limited in how you are allowed to redecorate: no painting the walls, no holes in the walls bigger than a thumbtack — no holes at all if you’re dealing with painter-over cinder block. Not to worry, though, you aren’t stuck with […]

How To Decide Between Online and On-Campus College

With the increasing number of online degree programs being offered as extensions and alternatives to the traditional college setting, future students are left with a decision to make – online or on campus? There are a number of deciding factor,s such as cost, whether you have other responsibilities such as children or a full time […]

Where Should International Students Volunteer When Studying in the United States?

If you decide to study abroad in the U.S., you’ll likely have to complete a certain number of hours doing an internship. While internships provide valuable job experience, you should also consider volunteering in your spare time. Volunteering also offers job experience, but you’ll gain the opportunity to benefit the community or a cause that’s […]